Thursday, September 30, 2010

Future Proof Your Home's Wiring

One important consideration to make is to “future proof " your home. Future proofing covers a wide spectrum, we will focus on “future proof " your home’s wiring from a technology point of view. Everything is going or has gone digital and you do not know exactly what is around the corner a few years down the road. Preparing for the future can save you money and help your home’s market value.

You’re probably already indulged in (or aware of) Home Networking, High Definition Television (HDTV), or any of a number of other digital products and services out today. A term that has trickled from the “computer world” is structured wiring. Your entire home’s wiring is considered to be one unit and wires are in a "home run" (star) configuration back to a central location in your home. The wires should incorporate the following: Data, Video, Telephone, Audio, Fiber Optics, Infrared Control, Alarm (including surveillance video), VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Fiber optics is considered the “big daddy” of data transport, at the speed of light. It may be a little out your price range now, and a little too extreme. Installing it now will save you money later.

  1. Troubleshooting - Each of the cables can be individually isolated from the rest of them and tested easily.
  2. Manageability - With all of the cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel you can easily change how and what these individual cables are connected to and what they are used for.
  3. Eliminate Splices - Splices are bad and create unnecessary problems. They are prone to failure and can pickup noise and interference.
  4. Better signal quality - With all cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel they can all be connecter to the same source and get the same signal level.
  5. Planning for the future can save you time and money and eliminate you destroying your home to run or upgrade wiring in your home.

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