Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Xerox Copier "Printer Status is not available at this time."

I updated the printer drivers on the print server for my company's Xerox WorkCentre 5638 and now everyone gets a Printers Status error in a "pop up" window for every print job. This is real annoying and I finally figured out why it's happening. The printer is on a separate network than the network my users are on. They only access the printer through the print server, which is connected to 2 networks. The new drivers need direct network access from the person's PC to the printer itself. I tested this by adding a test PC on the user's network to the printer's network. Voila! No more printer status error messages!. Now I need to implement my fix. I will change the printer's IP to be on the users network.

Just Kicking This Thing Off

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